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As others have mentioned, I've also had issues with the game locking up.

Thankfully this only seems to occur occasionally within the first 0-2 moves of a game, and not later into a drawn out game, so it's not that bad to deal with, just close and reopen the game. I'm really unsure as to the cause, but seems to happen every 2-4 games yea

Edit: happened in the middle of a game after using swap it seems


Thank you for the info! I'm still digging around trying to figure out why exactly this is happening. One of those elusive bugs that's probably buried in a few layers of code.

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Maybe it could be something related to the animations? stuff like that can be very elusive. When the game locks up, you are able to like open menus and move pieces and stuff, but when you let go of them they just hang and don't snap to a square, and when it froze after using swap I ended up getting multiple pieces rendered on the same square.

Finds: Upon opening a board with boosters or portals, they won't animate sometimes, and the game stops working, so it's occurring the moment the board is loaded or maybe even before! Background still animates tho, even when the game is locked up.

The issue can occur on any board but seems less common on the first few boards with no elements

The issue can occur even if only playing the same board multiple times

The issue can occur whether the previous board resulted in a win or a loss

Returning to menu between boards seems to prevent the issue. (As a super janky fix you could prob just call the code that takes it to the main menu and then call some more code to go back to the level select screen after every board, and then maybe removing some of the code until it breaks could also help isolate the issue)

Hope some of this helps!


Yeah I definitely need to dig through it a bit more. I've been really busy with Life Stuff™ the past few months and haven't had much time to dig through the game and see. What's worse, it doesn't seem to be something that happens in the Unity editor and I have to run a build of the game to recreate the issue. Definitely an illusive issue.

Thankfully, I have a bit more free time coming up so I can dig into it more :)