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Hi! Would love to try this but when sideloading "don't cross the streams" I had an issue with the BundleID being missing from the pdxinfo file!

Are you trying to play it using a real-life console? I don’t have one, so I only tried it using the SDK emulator

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The pdxinfo file needs additional fields filled out in it for sideloading via a user's account. More info here: The docs don't indicate which fields are required, but I believe it might just be bundleID. I would recommend included that as well as name, author, and version at a minimum.


Is that something we can edit ourselves and get the game running on the console?  Or does it need to be done by the dev?


You should be able to open the .pdx file (it's really just a zip file I believe), edit the pdxinfo file to add the necessary fields, and package it back up into a .pdx. Then adding the game via the Sideload page in your account would work.

FWIW, I believe you can directly add the game via USB without a valid pdxinfo file if you'd rather go that way.


you can run it on divece if you edit the pdxinfo to be something like this.






or install over usb from the simulator but it dos seem to run prity slow on divice.