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Thanks , realy glad u enjoyed the game  :)

Hi i assume you go the game off me at an event. I sent an email to your username for more info. :) if u bought the game on itch this is the page where u can donwload the nes rom and cdi.

thanks for the heads up,  dono if this broke with the sdk update. dont think it was like this before. will try and fix when we have time 

Awesome, was talkint to someon on gig about this. any chance of an andoid build?
Iv got a android smart projector and wana try it out. 
sadly its stuck on kitkat firmware so may need to target further back.

I just used audacity and the recomended wav format from playdate docs

hmm iv never ran it on mac sim before, its a windows toolchain we use so not sure how phesable it is to get a mac build running. sorry about that for now.

Hi, greate wee game.

not played vampire survivers yet but enjoying this.
already so polished but seems lackign on some areas since some is soo good already.
Death animations on enemies and mines/ damge states on mines. 
Id like to see the hit boxed tightend up a little, can hit head on enemies above too easly now and make it hard to dip and weve, give more head room as the characters are basicaly flat planes so colision shoud be roudn there feet/ bottom half more.

Also seems like some of the power ups and a but crap compared to others, I think it owudl be cool to have something like the always mine radius one always on then everything else is a bonus. but that probs needs some tweeking. 
Id also like some ikinda way to declane an upgrade , may alreayd be there but sometimes i has a good setup and seemed forced to replace somthign with a less good powerup.
I hear ur working on updates and am looking forward to seeing what improvments are in the pipe already
Some kinda push back enemy ability would be good, dono if any of the powers have knock bach atm

I'm glad you live the game.
Hmm strange, iv never seen that before, Il keep an eye out, that levels all about doing stuff in the right order and timing. is pritty tough with multiple steps.

Thanks. :) We did try out versions that fit the full screen but since the game was designed for NES at first it would mean rebalancing all the levels or adding a boring inaccessible area. We thought the borders looked cooler and was much less hassle.

No probs, its a bit tricky at first especialy if u dont have a device.
seems to let me sideload now, yip seems to work now, 

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nope u broke the pdx. needs to be the pdx folder in a zip, not just a zip with pdx in the name, was right for that part at first.

on mac the pdx folder is like a recognised file thing, on windows its just a folder whitch is a little confusing

i did get a crash and error after dying thoughmain.lua:45: asttempt to index a nil value (global "bgm")
45 initilize
286 gameover
253, 115

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I think the issue with sideloading is the -- bird in the
I removed it and it let me sideload fine. another gotcha sometimes is what u use to zip it. windows explorer on win 10 dosnt always work , so i use winrar and chooses zip and that seems to work. may not be the case here just a thing to try if ur ever scratching ur head
installing now

name=Crank Hero
description=Inspired from "Stick Hero" by "Ketchapp"

I see its now at the top of most recent :)
hope u get loads more views now

ah cool, i didint know that. Hopefully gets fixed soon. Look forward to more playdate games from you  :)

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realy cool game , loved triple triad.
found it through this video
you may wana add playdate to your tags on the games , edit game tab so it shows up when people search, iv had a bit of trouble finding it on the storefront.
hmm, now it ses playdate but still not refreshed on the most recent tab for me

nice level of polish but my inital thoguht is that the buttons are the wrong way roaund. b should be shoot and a jump, like in mario?

i cought a ghost, then got stuck on the shutter screen so quit out,
now even after update it crashes on launch  :(
Il try deleting and reinstalling

Great fun crazy game. Love the look on the monkey. Ah i didnt realise u could crank to shut him up, just been moving realy fast 

Would be good if the timer reset when u finish a stage

yip a few ppl had already requested it. not sure how usable it is in playing but fun to have.

thanks , I'm glad you like it. I was really happy when I thought of the high hat tilt.
having 2 crash sounds could be cool too. il add that.
ON the sequencer, there is on in the sdk iv added it here as a bonus for now but may take it down 

Ah just checked, its got an audio file from tapeworm in there bumping up the size, il update soon

nope,  :P i did wonder weather these were getting copied over the other day.  il try and make sure to add a build step that ignores them or move them out in future.

Theres no 2 player on playdate version coz thers only 1 set of controlls

Fun puzzle game , been enjoying ii so far, I bet levels start to get difficult soon.
Not as much of a fan of the scrolling screens, I like being able to see the whole puzzle but one every now and again is fine.
no music so far?
I would mabie make the icy tiles more unique? they are a little subtle for me, i would have gone base black with details to show its defo different and increase the speed when moving on them.
I'm sure people would pay for this

Thanks, thers no save feature on windows. you have to rememeber the 4 letter password on the levels tape, u can press select to see the code again.

thanks, ye it runs faster in the sim

-The logo always seems to be behind the game when i play. mabie not clearing / updating those pixels?
-Ye mabie some extra checks on the logic to stop it, there was a 4 fish in the middle then one at the bottom basicaly right underneeth, couldnt see a way round, luckly wasnt on a good run

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Very fun and cool looking game. I like the numbered crabs to show how far u got but at first i thought it was a power up or something.

I had one point where thee was puffer shish in a big wall that i dont think i could pass.
Also noticed the cranner logo is visible on the border when the game is running

thanks , im glad you enjoyed it. Ye they are separate. do you have a flash cart to play the rom on actual hardware? or do you want to buy a physical nes copy? If you just wana play the game in color , it launched yesterday on all the new consoles with flea as "Parasite pack"

thanks for testing this out, iv not heard anyone else have this issue but il do some tests when i have the time. glad you got it to work in the end, hope you enjoy the game

very cool and unique concept. nice risk reward for picking shorter words. movment on the air controll on the jump felt a little off to me, keped falling off, but the bouncy jump animation is realy nice.

very cool but simple idea. I loved quickly scanning the sequence and finding the missing one. very cool and abstract

Cool simple concept, very good use of pulp, awesome artwork

cool and quirky concept with some cool humor

fun game with a lot of jucy polish, as others mentions a screen that just displays ur score after a run would be great

Thanks :)
Ye the hitboxes are a little off but i  always try to make them more forgiving over realy tough. u wana feel like u just missed getting hit, smpups ships are usualy tiny otherwise it feels unfai

playing running up that hill intro

and heres the tab tweet

ah ye i think i had the crank out, not docked

Fun little game , i rage quit at 29 but was happy to see a continue option.
im not sure what make u take off once you hit the ground, seem to get stuck there sometimes. i wasnt using the crank up till now bit it seems to make hovering easyer which is good to know