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Yes, right click on it then brows files, then its the game.nes, you can rename it and use it on emulators. the itch version comes with soundtrack though.

Id love to, this still needs a lot of balancing , mabie a table top simulator build at some point but no real plans right now

This should hoefully be fixed in v4.

Great demo , awesome music, cute characters and platforming feels good.

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Sweet those were the boards I was looking at too. you not tempted to take this to kickstarter for a bigger release? how were the boxes and manual printed? home job or at a print shop?

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O wow, didnt realise you made the physical version available or that you could sell it directly on itch. cool stuck .
awesome game, had a lot of fun with it and it realy fits the vibe of that generation. can i ask what carts you used to produce?

Thanks for playing and sharing . Im glad you liked it :)

Thanks man , I'm glad you liked it. Still a few bugs to iron out and loads of ideas to explore for puzzles. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks , ye a few ppl have said anteater. I never played it before though.

Aso for the rewind thing, theres tsill room for some button optimizations (mabie hold to wind or some kinda input delay if your at the tape to stop it switching asmuch), it was initally the way you said but I didint think it flowed well and we may have plans to use that button in the future for something else :)

There are only 15 levels in the demo so u must have got prity close.

I'l donate a lot when the paltformer mode drops ;)

@ToonguskaGames Yip its made in blender game engine , the only bit pf python used was for the water edge uv scroll, the rest was logic bricks. I did most of the textures in blender too.