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Thanks! Yes, there is an actual win condition! Make sure you try combining plants, not just making it from one kind of plant.

I originally considered randomizing the plant taste/poisonousness and someone else remarked on that, too, so maybe I'll go back in and change that at some point. I dunno, though; the way it's made, learning which plants are good and which aren't is actually relevant, since you don't always get all the plants in a single game, and it isn't even guaranteed a map will be winnable.

More likely, if I go back in, I'll add a bunch more plants and limit the number of different types that can come up in a single game.

Hmmm, perhaps there should be a visual cue to the win condition? (ex. predominant colors are all different)

I think the timer? Energy meter??? Is too short for the number of plants that spawn in a distance.