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Think outside the box: bring in users from outside the itch/game dev community. Can something be done with Facebook? For example, an "app" or whatever they're called similar to what MindJolt (or other portals) does on Facebook. Take a number of HTML games that are already on itch (with developer permission of course), put them on a Facebook "itch" app, maybe add some ad-revenue to it, and have the games link back to the broader itch site in an attempt to grow the itch audience.

This seems a bit different than the other suggestions here, but I think we need to think about bringing in new users to itch, and not necessarily through exclusivity or telling people how much better the itch version is for the dev than the Steam version.


I quite like this idea.  I think thinking "outside the box" is necessary as it's no good for Itch to be seen only to be copying ideas from other sites, it needs to innovate - saying that it's already been innovating for quite some time of course! :-)

Also it's not just about growing a user base, it's about ensuring retention of those already using it, and I think it would be nice if we could build a real sense of community here (there may already be one, I have to admit that I haven't been interacting much with the Itch community at large until quite recently).


There's definitely two streams to consider: external promotion to bring in outside users, and internal systems to promote community. I like some of the newer comments about achievements. Competition may be a bit against itch's philosophy, but I could see achievements helping reward people who play a lot of games to stay, and you could even throw extra exposure to devs who help facilitate the community when they give reviews etc.