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This game was really great, I must admit. I felt compelled to it because I love this team's work (well, I already know other games made by some of them) and because I'm in dire need of games that take place in the 20's up to the 60's. It was a very enjoyable experience, with gorgeous art and interesting characters. I loved Emilio's route, and both his good and bad endings were awesome, even if I must say his bad ending was one of the most horrid endings I've ever seen in an otome game. I've read the booklet (these booklets are always so cool!) and I agree with the fact his bad ending CG is the hardest to stand of the three - it breaks my heart, really. But on a brighter note, his good ending CG was ALSO the sweetest and prettiest in my opinion.

I must say I really love the MC here - she's a really cool character, and she's so damn pretty - I love androgynous heroines!

So yeah, thank you for making such a lovely little game!