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A very charming story, really liked the dynamics between the protagonists, it's very sweet, just like Leon's desserts! The food art is absolutely stunning, though you may have seen me gush over it on discord already! I'd say my favourite is probably the flan and maybe the happy kitty meal time- I'm partial to more realistic-looking foods!

It's however a shame that it's so short! The way some scenes ended or transitioned into other scenes seemed a bit too sudden at times for me, but I can understand that since this was made for a game jam time was short. Since you plan on updating the game, I definitely would love to see more about their first encounter, maybe some more small scenes like the one shown in the flashback of them watching the movie. I'd also love to learn more about Salazar, since they're mentioned so little but seem to be important to Leon. The fact that they disappeared and doesn't reappear would probably hit a bit harder if we knew more about their relationship with Leon!

I probably could ramble for hours but I don't want to write a book of a comment! So I'll end it just saying it was a very fun time and I look forward to seeing more of it, the characters are sweet and charming, and I loved their relationship.