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Hi, I would like to purchase this, but on MacOS with Sonarworks SoundID, I'm not seeing any meters showing up even when I have SoundID selected as the input/source. The only time I see meters is when the DAW plugin pushes out to MiniMeters. Here's my system.

Does the full version work with this setup? Thanks!

MacOS 10.15.7 Intel 10-Core / SSD / 72 GB RAM / 16 GB VRAM / Sonarworks SoundID Reference 5.2.3 Build 2 / Universal Audio Apollo x6

I'm not sure if I'll get notified of a reply, I will check back in an hour. Thanks!

I figured out the issue. For some reason it seems that "iMac Microphone Access" is required. 

Thinking, I don't even use the "iMac Mic", I disabled this - does this make sense on your end? 

Works great now - nice work, hommie!

Hey! Apple calls the audio permissions "Microphone Permissions" as that's probably more understandable to the average person. I am glad you got it working.  If you need more help or have any questions I'm usually faster to respond on Twitter or Discord!