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Hi! I love your game system and I wrote an hack woking deeply with your base game system.

Is it possibile to publish an hack of Sledgehammer (it is not a small booklet :P) with the sentence ""Based on Sledgehammer by Gayhalforc. [INSERT NAME HERE] is an independent work compatible with Sledgehammer but not affiliated with Gayhalforc."" and without any commercial purpose  under the CC-BY 4.0 licence?

The new derivated game  is totally wrote in italian :)

Thanks for this game!!!


Go for it! Thanks for reaching out.


Thanks a lot for your answer! And obviously for your base system!!!

Sledge the world!!! :D


Hi John! It takes me long time since I started to work on :) But I finally finished the hack (actually I just realeased it in italian, but I'll translate in english too in the next monthes!). Check my page for ROGUEhammer just to see the final result :)