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The concept of the game is amazing! I knew I'd have to make choices that mattered, therefore I got really scared when I started feeling more involved with some characters. That's the magic of choice-based games and I think Beholder delivers it well. My only problem worth mentioning here (I sent more feedback on the beta survey) is that the wording was a bit off at times, I had to actually stop for a second and reconsider what I read so I can understand what's happening in some quests.

I created a gameplay of Beholder, I hope it gives the game justice. Added a bit of humor to lighten the mood, because it really is a dark-themed game.

Dear Lady Shadow,

Thank you for your interest! Yeah, we know about wording in the current version. We will release an update with a clear texts and with a lot of improvments at Thursday 6.

Great Let's Play!

Thank you again,

Thank YOU for the great game that this is evolving into. Best of luck! :)