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There's no restrictions other than saving the final rendered animation. I've just tested with a 1024 x 1024 png and it seems to work okay. When you say it doesn't show up in the folder, do you mean it's not showing up in the file dialog, or in the texture browser?

When you press the 'Select texture folder' button, that will prompt you to select a folder that contains your textures, this dialog won't list any textures itself, it's only for selecting a folder. Once you've selected a folder, any textures in that folder should be listed. 

If you're still having issues, feel free to link me to the image and I'll see if I have any problems loading it here

I apologize it was my fault all along. I had downloaded your "example" pack, and had extracted it in the same folder as BlastFX_demo.exe. And I was putting my flipbooks in blastfx-windows-demo\examples\textures instead of blastfx-windows-demo\textures

TLDR: It works, I just had 2 indentical folders and was putting my file in the wrong folder. 

This tool looks promising! Gonna poke around some more!

no problem! Honestly the texture loading/selection stuff can probably be streamlined a bit better, I'll be looking into that soon.  I should also have an update in the next few days with a few new features :)