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Thanks everyone!

I spent a lot of time today cutting up my mockups into workable sprites, and then loading everything into the game. I'm using Love2D since I have a bit of a soft spot for Lua and can get stuff up and running pretty quick with it.

As of now, I've figured out how I'm going to organize the game related data, build the world, and build the game objects... I'm using a 'builder' pattern and chaining function calls to basically use script as a game editor:

WitchHouse = EnvBuilder('Its a WITCH... houuuseeee')
                        :addPathSegment('trigger', {
                            triggerArea = Rectangle(), -- TODO: Measure stair trigger area
                            segments = {
                                { { 53, 59 }, { 63, 69 } },
                    :addLayer('interior 1')

Not that it's the best time to make a new framework, but it's working out. It's inspired by what I did on my LD36 project (which is admittedly still a work in progress). Anyways, here's a gif of not-much-more-than-before:

If you guys are interested in more of 'how it works' though, I'm glad to post!