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THIS TURNED OUT SO GREAT!!!! I HAD SO MUCH FUN PLAYING!!!! im glad i powered through and made a floor :3 it was real good fun! i totally need to do a run where i dont die... i feel like i died so much xD the puzzles are all so clever!!!! almost sad i didnt actually think of anything but hey with a wonderful thank you to em i got to put pear in!!! and then another big thanks to ayo who let me have two sprites up at the party <3 i hoped that'd be compensation for having my floor be a under construction mess xD I LOVE THE LAST LITTLE PUZZLE ON THE PARTY FLOOR!!! THAT WAS REAL GOOD!!!

a small thing for all the wonderful onion detective fans.... if u get through the whole game without dying (at least after talking to P and O).... there is diff party dialogue ;^) i mean would i even be me if i didnt do something dumb thing like that with variables??? lol