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I can`t start the game :/ I get this message when i try to open it

you need to get the stand alone java 64bit program to run it. its free on java's site i think a link to it might also be on the games page but im not sure

I see. Yeah you need 64bit Java.
In 2 days i will release new public version, i will add 32bit support.
But cant guarantee it will run without bugs~

OK thanks.. it doesn't  matter if it has bugs as long as it's possible to play ^^

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Update is out. You can check it~
Not completely sure, but maybe now it will run on your 32bit, at least it runs on some systems,

I am still having problems figuring out how to start and open it and everything, I download it like all the other stuff here, but it doesn't give me an application or anything to use 3:.

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Itch download application messing up  .exe file, for some reason - it is literally trying to unpack exe file content.
Try manual download and it should be fine.

How do you do a manual download? I'm not in super advanced computer classes like you ;.;

You just click on Download button, while having Itch downloader disabled.