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This is the creator of the Barren Belltower, the Clocktower floor with some HINTS/a Guide in case people were having problems with my room.

- Once you Catch Fire, your death is measured by how many STEPS you take and also by how much GREASE you are covered in

- Walking into a wall will also increase your STEP counter (which is just because of how the game engine works.  Thematically you can see it as wasting time going the wrong way or something)

- The Grease Drips at the top of the Belltower give LARGE amounts of Grease after you walk under them and make you burn much faster, so, try to minimize how many you pass under!

- There is only ONE Bonus Objective for the room which is solving the Riddle of the Riddler. Anything other than reaching the end and that one riddle are either just jokes or embellishments to the story.

Enjoy the Tower~!