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can agree, if there even are checkpoints, they are too far apart.
in areas with bosses, each new screen (or at least every secon d or third one) should be a checkpint.
Geting through 5 maps dying and having to restart from the ruin's entrance is a no go!

Oh yeah, it's also dumb/weird that the game starts in french and when you start the game, you first have to go to the options and change it to english.

you know english is more popular than french nowadays ;-)

And really, build in some checkpoints.
both the bat's movements and their hitboxes are badly placed.

I have no idea how they will move.
and their small hitbox makes them hard to hit.

Which makes a room with 5 or more bats in it nasty.
then do another 2 rooms like that.
then die.
then have to do it all over again due to lack of checkpoints.