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Hey its me again (dont know where else to contact you lol)

Hows the new chapter coming? I cant wait for new (mis)adventures with the trio of Matty Jily and Tari. Also looking forward to more about ???? girl and who she is fighting against (Queen? Or a greater evil?)

Anyways can you drop a few hints about the choice system in the upcoming game? Will it lead to 2 or 3 branching pathways or the choices will affect smaller things. Lastly is there any place i can follow the progress of the game and participate in discussions since i cant pay for Patreon yet (Paypal isnt available in my country but its coming soon fingers crossed)

Hiya there!

Chapter 2's development is coming along nicely--progress is being made day by day and I'm hoping either for an end of year release or just after. It's been a lot of content to get through, but I think I'm going at a good pace!

The choice system in Chapter 2 is maybe a little less typical than standard VNs--since you get to manage Matt's time each in-game day (assuming it's not an important story day.) So you choose which side quests you take and which characters you visit to develop bonds on a day to day basis--almost Persona-like in a way, where each new social milestone awards you with a h-scene or CG scene with the girl. The main story itself remains a little more linear, but still has some differences depending on choices you've made throughout the other side quests, etc. which will definitely affect things!

And to follow progress outside of Patreon, I would say the best bet is to keep an eye on my twitter where I try my best to update people with bits and pieces as I move forward, along with small little teases here and there!

Thanks a lot! Really looking forward to everything especially the epic story and goofing around (maybe even more than H scenes lol)

I will be sure to follow you on twitter and support you on patreon as soon as possible. Keep up the good work