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Hi Ebi-Hime

I had played Dejection before this one, since there is nowhere to comment on it, I will comment on it here Before commenting Asphyxia.

I like the art style and the music is peaceful, yet the words were dark which fit well the theme, the contrast in both makes it easier to go through, it is a good version.

Now for Asphyxia, at first it seems lighter in the words but after it shows well how dark the be in Samantha's state is, which is something I know too well.  (except the drugs & alcohol part )

I love the art style that is the same as Strawberry Vinegar, The title theme is melancholic but I like it, the other music soundtracks are good too.

The history part on the people you made the characters from is interesting to read, their life seems to have been hard in more than one way.

I like the  laughing parts here and there, De Quincey is quite funny, Georgia is like the annoying kind but still has a heart.

I have got two endings but I am guessing there is a third one from the missing CG in the Gallery?

The little finger ending is so cute :)

I had played Dejection about two months ago or something, it took me a while before playing Asphyxia, at first I wanted to play it right after Dejection but I always ended up doing something else.

an amazing visual novel like always :)