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This was great! I love how there's that clear Ace Attorney inspiration (I caught that reference lol) but still a sense of originality, even improving on some aspects of the formula (the timeline feature is genius). I think the dialogue is natural and realistic. And the UI is both thematically and aesthetically pleasing. This is really impressive work, especially for a solo developer. Great job so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing the final product!

A very minor complaint, but there were a few times when I thought the game would reward me for my creativity only to be let down. Like when I got Sunil to give me Jim's number, I tried to use the house phone to call him but there wasn't even an option. Or when Dr. Karlson said she'd email me the self-hypnosis so I went to check my laptop but there were no new emails. I don't mean to say that this is a design flaw or anything, but maybe you could consider more possibilities for the players. Also, the slow walk speed of the MC was a bit frustrating at times. I hope this doesn't come across as overly critical, more so that you only need to iron out a few kinks to have a very high quality game :)