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From the screenshots and info about this game, I had some high expectations from it but unfortunately, it let me down. For a start, the game was way to dark at the beginning, I was getting lost constantly and at times I couldn't see a thing. Secondly, the objectives were not clear at all. I tried for 30 minutes to burn down the house with no prevail. Thirdly, it was disorientating. The mask just blurred your vision a but too much and the sensitivity was way too high for me to handle. I also encountered a part where it crashed at the first cutscene but then retified itself after I waited. Honestly, I did have high expectation but afterwards it just turned out that I was just going around in circles. Thats great if you don't want the player to progress and tell a story but for this type of game that seemed like it had a story, it just felt like lazy. I hope you have improved on your other games and look forward to seeing more horror games from you but please take the player into account. They are not the developer and do not know how the game works. What might work for you may not actually work for the players of this game. Your game is last in the video.