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Aside from this being one of the most well-written VNs I've ever read (if not *the* most well-written), I also had to comment to say thank you for including your author's notes.  I'm a writer as well, and was over the moon to get a glimpse into where you were coming from with this story, what you wanted to accomplish, etc. It was deeply satisfying to have most of my writer-y curiosities answered up front. 

I love this story. I love it so much. I appreciate it for so many different reasons I can't even articulate them all. It's the height of the medium for me. Thank you, Ebi. <3

aah thank you that's really kind of you q_q
i'm glad you enjoyed the story! it means a lot to me!
there's a lot of vns out there i think are much better than mine though haha XD; fata morgana and umineko in particular are some of my all-time favourites!