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Hi! In the previous post I meant that the contents of one subpage where shifted into another... Subpage A contents are now in B, B contents are now in C, and so on (I've made no changes to the Subpages' name and their position in the plan but their contents are all switched-up)

But now loading it up again I noticed that they just keep changing / switching around (randomly?) each time I load up the plan 😫

I just tested it again and it only happens with each new Subpage created


After adding a new Subpage, saving & reloading it: 

In the 2nd pic the contents were previously missing but now it "resurfaced" again (albeit they are still in the incorrect Sub-page) this happens after adding a new Sub-page, saving the .plan and reloading it.

Before I figured this out I thought I could just copy-paste things until they're in order but creating new Subpages just shifts everything after I save & reload it.

Now it looks like I might just have to make a new .plan instead 😥

PS. In light of this I thought.. would it be possible to make a feature where you can copy-paste between two instances of Masterplan that are running at the same time?

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Dang, I'm sorry to see that it's not working properly - definitely was when I tested loading subpages from the previous version. Can you try sending me a copy of that project that you're working with so I can take a look at it? I might be able to fix both the bug as well as your project so you don't have to start over.

Copying and pasting between instances of MasterPlan is an interesting idea - I can see about putting that in the todo list.

Hello again! Sorry for the late reply! 

I've sent the .plan to the Solarlune gmail. Hope you'll be able to look it over and figure things out!

I'm holding off making a new .plan in the meantime (though starting from scratch with a less cluttered version that utilizes the link cards does sound pretty appealing 😅) 

Hey! I've been using MasterPlan for a while (215 hours on steam) and I'm in love with the program!

I'm having the same issue with my subpages and I already tried do reinstall the app, create a new archive. Same results.

Do you mind if I send my archive to you too?

Hello, sorry for the late reply to this thread - you can feel free to send me your plan as well, Carolina, though I believe I've finally seen what exactly is happening and can reproduce it on my end. I'll see about both fixing this bug as well as seeing if I can easily fix and plans that have this issue (perhaps with a tool from within MasterPlan to do this).