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I was excited as soon as I saw that you were working on a Nosferatu inspired game, since I'm a big fan of the movie and Nosferatu The Wrath of Malachi!
You delivered exactly what I had in mind. That is the perfect low light/foggy atmosphere, the moody music and a scary enemy design!
The sepia post-processing and the enviroments are just like the older movie. It makes you feel you're in that kind of era. The music and the sound effects work wonders, especially the ambient track. It isn't intense but it is eerie enough to keep you from thinking you're safe. The intense part begins when Nosferatu spots you and you have to run. This time the A.I. is tight and rightfully so. Nosferatu is supposed to be fast and precise as he appears to be in the movie and in the other game.
However, the statement that the crystals were easy to find are easy to find gave me a good laugh. It took me quite some time to spot them in order to kill Nosferatu. To be fair the sound effects were really helpful. You could spot the crystals with ease once you heard the sound effect.
It was worth it getting both endings though!
So yeah, I totally enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see what you'll be making in the future!

I actually planned on changing the text from "easy to find" to "hard to find", but I honestly thought it was funny the way it was and kept it in. The funny thing is, is that I thought it was easy since I knew the locations and thought people wouldn't have a hard time.