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Hi Marvinas,

I'm sorry that Unity Optimizer full version doesn't match your needs :(

The 3 biggest kinds of assets are images, sounds and 3d models.

For images, yes, you are true, using crunch compression is one of the main trick to reduce build size (not always usable for mobile games i'm ok with you).
But Unity Optimizer also give you some advices about unneeded mipmaps, about textures with a lot of space not used, about sprite packing...

Sounds and 3D models indepth analysis can also help to reduce the build size (may be you are working on a 2D mobile game so you don't have any 3D model, but you should have sounds or musics I suppose)

When i made Unity Optimizer my main goal was to show things that you wouldn't have been able to see without it (graphical UI with highlighting colors, kind of data vizualisation software that analyze a lot of data and show them in a clear and easy to read graphical way).
Most of the time developers grab things on the web (textures, sounds...) and just forget to optimize them (reduce size, use compression...)

I have thousands of people using the free version and several hundreds are using the full version and they are quite happy using it.

I can give you your money back if the full version doesn't match what you were looking for.
Just send me an email with to eviralsoftware[@] and a paypal account and i give you your money back.

PS : I would like to investigate the bug of build size you are talking about.
For finding build size i analyse the latest Unity build log (not always easy to parse because it's not a structured data file, just a simple txt logfile), may be i have a nasty bug, i would be glad to solve it.
Could you create an issue here please : and attach a Unity Optimizer screenshot showing the bug, your latest Unity build log (%appdata%\Local\Unity\Editor\Editor.log) and your Unity Optimizer logs (you can get them from menu at the top right of the interface)

Thanks for your feedback :)