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Okay, Marzia is destroying my entire strategy right now... Sometimes she just comes out of the first corridor way more sooner than I expected it... Once she didn't get out of there at all... That was on the run where I got 10 math notebooks and 9 language notebooks. And sometimes she is somewhere where I didn't expected her at all and I almost get a heart attack when that happens. I played this level for way too much time now, and I thought I kinda get Marzia's path now, when I walk a certain way, but no...


Can you test something out on your next run? After you trigger Marzia, lure her into one of the 6 starting classrooms. After then, collect notebooks as usual.

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I already tried that a couple of times when I found the watermelon right on the beginning... Marzia keeps getting out sometimes... The only thing that works is if I hit Marzia with a flash... Then she‘s stuck until the final chase... But I still keep dying because something stupid happens or I don’t have enough time or the sliders are laggy or idk what...


You actually don't need the watermelon, just good timing and intentionally looking at her in the right spot, can do this about every time if practiced enough (Btw, Headteacher can possibly let her out, Mr. Cleany if you littered in that classroom).

I asked this since you described this particular thing...Marzia and opening doors. Thought it was just me.

Do you skip the last language notebook before the chase? How many numbers on average can you save to the elevator? Asking so I can help.


I know. Seems like Head teacher always lets her out, because I always put the trash back into the trashbin.

Now everytime I get this far, I skipped the 9th and the 10th notebook, because sometimes I just couldn’t put the letters in anymore or click on the check mark. So I didn’t want to risk anything and just skip the last notebooks. I‘m also doing this because of Phonty.

Last time I got so far, I put in 8 numbers into the elevator. Then I just had to put in 119 two times on the final chase. I could have made it, but my hands were too shaky. I was too stupid to scroll the curser at the key for the shortcut, and infront of the shortcut I just walked against the wall, but I had enough time, Marzia didn’t killed me instantly when that happened, so she wasn’t that fast. And I‘m always trying to get every single letter right. But sometimes some  mistakes happen, because I overread the blank spot.


Welp. Head teacher always has a chance to do that.

The letter input problem happens to me when working on a language notebook for too long, don't know much else. Skipping last two notebooks is usually better when using Viktor, but still works without.

8 numbers saved before-chase is good, I try and at least get 7 (more if possible) without Viktor. I saw the video, that must've hurt, I died a couple times on final chase for stuff like this. Little things matter.

I know you can do it, eventually, you'll get that perfect run.


Alright, that really helps. Thank you.