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I finally got my thoughts together on how you could improve the dungeon crawling.

  • First, get rid of the exclamation mark. Dungeon crawlers depend on you not knowing what comes next in each room, increasing the thrill of the dungeon and the joy when you see a treasure room.
  • Second, make it possible to face multiple enemies in one room. That increases the challenge thus increasing the need for healing items, defines the setting better, and makes the bosses feel more special. If you do this, make sure to keep the enemy variety high. 
  • Third, fill every room with something. I think empty rooms really disappoint and bore people, instead of being a sign of "I did something here" there just a sign of a barren place
  • Finally, make less treasure rooms, but give them more loot. I don't think I should be able to find a chest in every other room and have that chest give me a single item, chests are made to store multiple things

I can't really find a way to end this without sounding like a demanding prick, but please consider these points if you plan on refining the dungeon crawling.

Thank you very much for the suggestions! I absolutely agree with the empty rooms and treasure chests. I put in the !-mark  so players wouldn't get jump-scared by the battle intro, but I see how it reduces the tension. I probably won't include multiple enemies at the same time, since that would  basically require a whole different combat system . My current plan is to design actual non-random dungeons next time and maybe keep the random ones as optional sidequests. Improving the dungeons is very high on my priority list and I'm glad your criticisms overlap with my assessments, what needs to improve.