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This game is amazing!
I just had to back it. ^_^
Quick question, is the 2020 release date a place holder, or is it your goal?
I understand either way, I'm just really excited to see what is to come. ^_^

Thank you so much for the support! :D Happy you enjoyed it!

And the game is set to release early 2020 (most likely February) since there is still a lot of content to be delivered! Of course, if we happen to be able to hire more people and deliver everything earlier, we can hopefully bring it during Q4 2019! :D


You're so very welcome!
Understandable, I look forward to it then. ^^
Well, I hope that the last of 2018 and 2019 goes well for all of you~! And hopefully everything goes as smoothly as possible. ^^
I look forward to its release and future updates. ^^
Have a good day/night!