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I deeply enjoyed this game I played it 3 separate times. If you went more horror style with the Devil (not letting it help with resources, adding a "chomp" effect, etc.) it would be terrifying! Maybe add some extra mystery almost side quest type features. I don't know! Totally loved it and I usually don't play games. Great atmosphere, told the story entirely while being silent, cool survival mechanics, and I got my bf to play it! Awesome dude keep making games :)

Some bugs: 

You will survive the day as long as you have at least 1 of something. 

If you click out of and into the game on a new day (before pressing Z) it will restart the day and take another batch of resources.

Best day never updates after the first play through.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback. :)

Also thanks for finding those bugs! The first one is actually intended, but I'll look into fixes for the other two!

Small edit! I realize the "Best Day" is for how long you survive and not how fast you beat the game XD sorry about that! Also thanks for the quick response! Excited to see where you take this game.