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Part 2 was amazing! I loved the ending with Phoenix. Teal's speech about finding new dreams really hit home for me; their story and Phoenix's story really resonates with anyone who's ever worried that they wasted time while pursuing their passions. I didn't play the other routes, but I love the message that there's a lot of paths you can take in life, and they'll all work out some way or another. Teal finds happiness regardless of what career path they go down. 

I enjoyed following Teal as they found themselves and learned to take care of their mental health :). The drawings of Teal/Phoenix at the end, and the party at the bookstore, were so adorable! Loved the background music in Phoenix's scenes. Also, the interactions between Teal and Snow were so precious; I'm excited to see more of Snow in Defaction!

Thank you guys for all your hard work; this is an absolute  masterpiece!! I'm so happy to have been able to witness this game's development since its beginning. Excited to see what you make in the future.


Aww thank you so much! We're really happy that you enjoyed the game! There are a bunch of personal thoughts in it so it's always great to hear when it resonates with someone.

We didn't really plan this message from the beginning but as the game started to take shape it was important to us that there isn't really a bad end (just as no ending is completely perfect). Originally the game was meant to be mainly light hearted so as more serious themes started to show up, we tried to make sure that especially in the end there's always hopeful notions whenever things don't work out.

We're also excited to show more of Snow in Defaction! It will still take a bit longer before we're ready to release more of it but we're glad you're looking forward to our future projects!

All the support and comments along the way definitely helped to shape the full game so thanks for commenting again (and for playing of course) <3