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I have just finished main dungeons in your game.
That was incredible!!!
I am in love with fighting games(especially Arc System Works) and this game is as fun to play as theirs. 
I was sitting in my classroom in the university and searching for something to kill time here. Then this game has wildly appeared before my eyes. My first thought was: "Well it is just indie fighting..." But how I was wrong!!! It is the best indie game period for me. Everything is on point here: battles, controls, combos, antagonist. Just going to the Training mode and try out different combination of badges and supports is very fun.

I want to give my thanks to you and I will root for you on your next project.


Can you describe how Ice power should work? Is it possible to freeze the opponent in the middle of the combo?

And I found bug when trying to do a Mana attack as Alisa in the end of the combo: sometimes it does not work... Camera zooms in but attack does not play.

Wow, I'm happy you had such a good time with the game! And yes, the ArcSys influence is quite strong xD You can freeze an enemy once during a combo, but you can't freeze them a second time. Would result in freeze-loops otherwise ;) Thanks for reporting the mana bug, I'll look into it!