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March 20, 2022* seems like it's still being updated actively on Patreon


Yeah, they said they don't plan on releasing public versions anymore

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ah, damn, what a shame too, i'd buy a copy or two here. already bought multiple copies of other peoples games here. damn.

oh well, at least i can play other lewd games here!

more of a personal note... i dont like patreon, damned annoying platform wont let me set up a card, paypal or anything to support other people there so i hang around here. damned patreon systems are broken. not this game of course, just the website itself



Stay tuned for another public release later this year. We hope to provide a new version you can enjoy!

well  i'll be damned! we might get something here later this year! 

if you want to, just some side stuff for later, get some payment thingy going here if you want to. i'd be glad to donate here anyways, but thats for whenever you wanna setup that stuffs.


We are hoping to have another public release before the end of the year!