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Thematically it is extremely interesting, but actually trying to decode how the game works just makes it seem like it simply doesn't and won't work. The goal is stated... but how you succeed or fail to convince people THEY are coming isn't explained. All of the players are split between YOU and THEM, but that means there is no one to convince of anything, because YOU all know THEY are coming/real. THEY aren't required by the rules to be honest about any questions YOU ask THEM, so doing so is pointless as a means of gathering information on weaknesses.

Hmm, I dunno... I am just really at a loss how to play this. There was that brief moment of thinking it sounded really neat, and then it just failed to actually be anything. On the bright side, it was in a bundle of TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas, so it still did something even if I couldn't figure out how the hell anyone could do anything with it. Honestly more than a lot of games could say I guess.

If anyone knows of somewhere to see how this is supposed to work being put into practice I guess let me know, I am really curious.

i mean how do you convince people inreal life?

maybe they'll pretend to go along with you

maybe they won't

tbf though this is more of a lyric game than an actual game

you shouldn't think in terms of the mechanics and more letting the book take you over in some kind of paranoid fever dream