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Great to hear! It's a whole franchise and we're aiming to make each one better and better. Rebellion will also be longer, we felt Origins was a tad too short. 

Well, that's good to hear, and yeah I did think Origins was kinda short but I figured maybe a few side missions could've been added to gain support from other systems, and alien races before finally assisting in the invasion of a planet with a new ally to reclaim the Dauntless crew's sister ship back from ESA custody. It also had me still questioning what happened to the ship's crew.

Another thing I hope is addressed in the upcoming game coming out in November is the actions toward the Dauntless crew on that ESA-controlled world in Origins and hope they have a chance to share their grievances with a certain space station commander about it along with the return of their ship.

Aside from that, I'm looking forward to playing Star Shift Rebellion and Star Shift very soon.


What is going to happen is that the survivors from the dauntless are going to form a group called "The Order of Restoration". Their goal is to restore the timeline to what it was before they got stuck in all of this. 

In the main game, you as the player make all kinds of morality choices and you run into these guys. You will run into Carol Everson and Archer and all them in the main game, and based on your decisions they will either be neutral, or join you, or fight you. It will be good!