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Point and click games have been one of my many addictions since I first dived into the first Discworld offering (and Broken Sword, obviously). So whenever I see a cool-looking, retro style point and click pop up I have to give it a try!

The art and character design in this game really are top notch, I love all the little nuances like the way the Boss walks, the way he scratches the back of his head now and again and the comic sound effects add so much more to the equation!

The translation from Russian to English is a bit rough and ready though, and there were a few times the lines didn't make any sense so I had to try and decipher them the best I could. That's something I would recommend getting some reworking done if you continue development beyond this great demo! Also there were a lot of items I picked up that I don't think added anything to the gameplay (perhaps beyond the demo they do though), so I was left trying to combine everything with everything else at one point which I didn't need to do to beat the demo in the end.

On the whole this really is delightful though, with a bit of love and attention this could be a real corker of a game, and I'll be keeping a close eye on future developments. Keep up the awesome work! =)