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christine why no playstation or at least generic nintendo style button prompts i finally have time to sit down and play this after finalizing the divorce and there's only xbox prompts which i cannot use at all :(

Can you tell me a little more about your controller and platform? It should support PlayStation button prompts, they're what I use myself when developing, so it sounds like you're hitting a bug somewhere.

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Oh how bizarre. I am using a DS4 connected directly to bluetooth and NOT using ds4win/etc, just steam connecting directly and recognizing it as a DS4. I do, however, have the big picture mode settings such where xbox controller support and the advanced support is also enabled (required for things like elden ring that have no native ds4 support) so I'm guessing the game is taking that option first?

Ah, okay, I see! What happens if you run the game without Steam—does it pick it up correctly in that case?


I had this problem and disabling the "PlayStation Configuration Support" in steam fixed the prompts. Easy enough but I'd rather not disable that if I don't have to tbh, it lets me make my controller's LED pink!