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Question - on p24, under the 'discover' action, it says "A player may have as many spells under research at a time which can help research be a less risky undertaking."

Is that meant to simply read, a player can have many spells etc. etc. (no as many), or is there meant to be a number/comparison (as many spells as something)?

Hi Copperaeon,

That is definitely a typo! It should not be a comparison. A player can have multiple spell sets.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this to my attention. I am in the process of updating the file with the various typos I have collated over these past few months.

Oh, brilliant. Thanks for the clarification! :) I'm just on the creating a wizard part now but I'm going ot start a play-through this week. Looking fwd to it :)

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I hope you have a good time with GRIMOIRE and keep an eye out for the free update to the .pdf in a couple of weeks :) .