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Just downloaded it and it sadly won't work, tried the 'extraction process'?? And 'run as administrator', deleting and re-downloading. Is it just my Laptop or..??? BTW, downloaded

Sorry about that! Is your antivirus giving you trouble with the game files or is something else going wrong? If you prefer to write us a mail with the details you can also contact us at

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It's alright. The antivirus does't seem to mind, it's just that whenever I try to open the .exe nothing pops up, although it shows the 'loading' symbol by the arrow and 'log.txt'??? comes after first click of the app (if that's any help)

So there is no error message or anything? Have you checked in the task manager if any processes are started when you try to open the .exe?  'log.txt' appearing is normal but would you mind sending us a mail with its contents? Maybe we can find out what is going wrong that way