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This game is so well-written, with lines like, "Everyone laughs, which is super sad. I always feel bad for unpopular people. I can’t imagine how hard their lives must be, because I can’t relate at all."

And, "My parents were loving, salt-of-the-Earth types. They taught me all about hard work, loving America, and hating the blacks and queers and evil terrorists who were trying to take democracy away from us."

I hope that there can be more Elodie stories because she is super funny

Edit (major spoilers): damn I just finished it... never mind then. F for JFK. You definitely need to make more games tho, your writing is funny as hell

ahhhhh tysm!!! i'm so happy you liked the writing, yay yay yay :)

yes! I picked true love at first, and though I am kinda salty JFK wanted to get in my way, also felt a little bad when he, like, you know. Died when I picked America. Do you think you'd ever make another game similar to this? :)

Super cool that you played both endings! :) 

Definitely, would love to make another game like this someday. I'm thinking about potentially making another dating SIM based on my experiences with unionization efforts in the workplace. I'll post any updates for sure. 

Thanks again for the kind words. It's super encouraging and means the world to me!!

More spicy dating sims! I’ll be sure to follow you so that I’m emailed whenever you do decide to post next. :D