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I find the ending interesting, but maybe not so well executed. My impression is that Breaking Character is a very short and pretty simulator with trollish humor. 

I'l glad the summary says it's about character creation and hints that that may be all. But it also describes it as a game. Not as a 100% linear kinetic novella. Which means there's supposed to be, y'know, at least one variable variable involved in the code, beyond the static clickable sprites and few lines of text. 

My main complain is that closing the windows is confusing and makes no narrative sense:  

Returning to the title screen would have been more artsy and less jarring.  Even better and still simple, witting a last line of dialogue from the second character hinting at passing of time before returning to the title screen if the player stays, and only closing the window itself if the player leave would have brought a clever and deep message left to be interpreted openly though roleplay.  Otherwise, even the theme of roleplay has yet to be found in this seemingly interactive novel.