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I just got stuck in level 5:

As far as i could find, there was no way out of these two rooms and could not descend to the next level.  The only thing i could do is die of starvation.

Is that on purpose?

Other than that, cool game.

And i kind of got surprised to recognize Ayaka Hirahara’s Jupiter as the music for the main menu :)

Thanks for reporting the level generation bug. It is in the issue tracker to be fixed. Sorry you got stuck because of the bug!

I thought the music was from Holst’s The Planets suite. I think Ayaka Hirahara used the theme in her music too. Or did I use the wrong version?

Thanks for playing the game and giving me feedback - much appreciated!

No no, you are right: she used the same music as you. I just did not know and assumed; what an ignorant fool i am.

Well, live and learn.

Thank you.

Ah I understand. Don’t feel bad - it’s a confusing time with so much sampling and remixing!