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Really enjoyed this, and the intro sequence- wow! The pixel art and animation was just amazing. 

I noticed a couple things that I wanted to document for you. 

1. The controls are not clear in the game. I know they are here on the web instructions but I (and I'm guessing others) weren't able to figure out controls when booting the game up for the first time. They are also non-standard- I was pressing spacebar, clicking the mouse, Enter key, escape, Z, X, etc. but I almost gave up until I remembered there was some text on this itch page. Overall I think it might seem redundant, but would be nice to have button indicators in the game UI.

2. Accessibility features and settings would also be nice to have- I think there's only the full-screen toggle (or at least that's all I was able to trigger in the game) when selecting the settings. Specifically, a sound toggle for SFX and Music levels, or just master volume because while wearing my headphones, I felt that the sound for mons cries was very loud compared to other sounds, even with my system volume pretty low.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you luck and success with your game!


Hey, thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback and support!

I will make sure to make a screen with the controls for the next update as a few others had the same issue. As for the sounds, they are still not mastered/balanced atm so the volume is a bit too high for the cries. Sorry about that! I will work on something to allow a sound/volume option(s). I really appreciate the support, thanks again! :) <3