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I am really questioning the use of any 4 custom colors.

A gameboy did have 4 colors, yes, but actually only 4 "grayscale" colors. (White, light gray, dark gray and black).

The only thing that made it "greenish" was the screen that tinted it.

Don't know why you all are just picking any 4 colors but I guess it's a matter of how authentic Gameboy you want it to be

EDIT: Appearently the rules doesn't apply to imitating the gameboy hardware. You can use any 4 colors at any time (even switching within the game). As long as there are only 4 colors on screen at the same time. :-/

FreneticGamez: Not if you aiming for a Gameboy game, no.

The point of the jam is not to completely and 100% authentically follow the GB limitations, it's a modern take on the GB while loosely following it's limitaitons.