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Really fun and interesting game. What i loved most was the music and water sound. It's amazing that this game is free, when you see a lot more "games" that charges you for a lot less experience.

I have 1 suggestion: Make invisible walls, specially at the end: at the left side of that bench you can climb a short stone, and from there go to anywhere of the game, reaching places you don't supose to be there.

Also i have 1 question: I got every fish and 100% completed, but the end was the same as my first playtrough. Is there something new when you have those things?


Hello , glad you enjoyed it! 

Once you get all fish there is a secret to be found! 


Thanks for the kind words !

There is indeed a very (VERY) cool secret to be found, when you find all the fish and 100% the game, don't let it end and try to trace back your steps, a long long way back...

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I figured it after a 3rd run (i have a bad habit of finding glitches in games xD). Thanks for the tips anyway, now i know the RIGHT way of doing it.

EDIT: After "you know what" the game closed itself.  Is that normal?

yes it is :) good job finding it !