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Hi there! Absolutely, share away, and let me know where you do it so I can promote it. I would offer to send you the original spreadsheets I used to generate the cards, but it's an old project and I no longer have them. 


Wonderful! Thank you, I'm already working on it and intend to translate the resulting tables into Spanish too. However, I stumbled into a problem: The Animal card reads "1. Horse, 2. Wolf or dog, 3. Cat or rodent, 4. Bull or stag, 5. Boar or pig, 6. Horse or donkey" with the term "horse" repeating itself. Could I change it with another related word? I was thinking about "bird". Thanks again!


Of course! Thanks for letting me know, I'll see if I can amend the PDF when I have a moment. 

I'm excited about the Spanish version!


Aaaand done! Thank you so much for this amazing work. You can check the result on :)

That's amazing, thanks Erys!