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Hahahha thanks! Glad you like it! =D

NO! Why is P1 compatible with my computer, but P2 isn't!? WHY!?!?! T~T

NOO!!! That's wierd... What part is getting stuck?

If you are unzipping it on your desktop, try unzipping it in a folder. 

I'm getting the app, but it has a big "NO" symbol over it. I don't think that you made this compatible with earlier Mac models like the original was. I have an old 10.7.5 that can't be updated anymore, but P1 worked fine, and P2 doesn't open at all. ._.

Damn, the pm1 mac version was actually made in Tyranobuilder Visual Novel Engine, while pm2 was made in Unity engine. So thats why only one is working for you. Unfortunately we cannot use Tyrano for pm2 so you might be out of luck )=

Thank you for being interested though! Maybe borrow someone else's computer? =P

TAT Kanashimi to namida.