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For the first time in a long time I had a gaming experience that I loved. My motto has been: its not good unless it makes you exceedingly depressed and want to kill yourself. This game makes me feel maaaaaaaaaaan.

The aesthetic, overall mood, and artistic detail were mysterious and brooding. Exploration aspects are on super point and the combat is very bare bones in the most complimentary way for the most part. The BLOOD and BULLETS mechanic makes me really happy. However, resources are really easy to farm due to the bare bones combat system.

The characters and interactions are real dope and add soo much to the vibe. I would've loved to see more of them (as with the rest of the game as well). The world is far more expansive than anticipated and absorbs the player instantaneously. The exploration of the world and characters fit soundly together and make me wish for seconds and thirds.

Its good to know the survival/horror/animal crossing/shooter/pixel art genre is alive and well. I love the scene near the end where Lyre chugs the juice. Did not expect that! Rastek you a sex freak my friend, freak on please. Please. Please.

RE: third playthrough did a no kill run to see if there are different endings with no luck :( Are there any alternate endings???

I'm araid there's only the secret boss, as far as alternate endings go.

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Cool! Does the secret boss refer to whats inside the walnut or something else? More playthroughs will ensue, also I've been showing this game to my peeps and they dig it too. Freak on man!

PS: the King fight is exploitable due to his projectiles not reaching to the back wall. The hand will come down 1 or 2 times but nothing else reaches in that spot. I don't know if these games get updated or not but let me know if you'd like the comment removed :)

Yes, the walnut is the only real secret in the game. Thank you for telling me about the king fight but I don't know if I'll fix it.