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I got this in the Ukraine bundle 1000 games for $10 deal! I'm a bit puzzled on what to do with this game lols as I'm more well versed with the digital kind xD lols! Either way glad to support you & or Ukraine! I don't have a printer but glad to chip in & do my part!

Hi Sarainia! This is a battle-resolver specifically for tabletop rpg games, so it's a little different if you're used to video games 😁 

But, you don't need a printer (we made it so it could be printed and carried around, but it's not necessary), just some playing cards and someone to battle!

Thanks for buying the bundke, and for checking this out 🙂


True the Bundle is worth it even if the every 2nd or 3rd item I come across makes me raise an eyebrow on how the file works lols, after all $10 for a huge $6500 package of games is worth it anyday as I likely can print some off and give to family and friends anyways, so I'm not really losing out on anything, except maybe just the VR games in this lols ahahaaa


However I would like clarification on the "Playing" cards bit and the rules as I do own 52 Cards of course and even dice here.


OK, let me try!

The deck of 52 cards plus the rules and another person are all you need to play.

If you follow through the rules it should get a bit clearer, but the essential steps are:

1) Both players draw 5 cards each and add the numbers together - that's each player's HP.

2) To decide play order, each draws a card - highest number goes first.

3) Draw 7 cards each. This is your hand, and at the end of each turn you must draw enough new cards to keep it at 7.

4) To battle, the player whose turn it is plays a card they think will win. The other player then selects a card to play. Whoever has played the highest number wins, and that number is the amount is damage the loser takes.

That's your basic rules, if you get that order of things in your head the rest is much easier.

Each suit in the deck has a different role, when played, but the main point of that is the roleplay. If you're playing as part if a roleplayed scene, then the type of card played by player 2 should make logical sense against the card played by player 1. It adds some tactics in but they're optional.

The only other bits to remember are that a suits card (Jack, Queen or King) can be played at the same time as another card, and will add 1 point to the attack. So if Player 1 plays an 8, and Player 2 plays a 9 with a Queen, Player 1 will take 10 damage - thats the 9 plus the 1 from the Queen. And that +1 would still count if the player who put it down loses the draw.

The last trick is the Joker. Play one of those on your turn with your attack card, and you have an automatic win.

I hope this helps? The group rules are a bit more complex, so if you're new to this sort of thing and want to give it a try it's easier to start with just 1 other person. You can also take out all the suits, picture cards and Joker rules as well, which strips it down to the very bones, while you learn.