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Doesn't have anything to install however the copper one does let you

What do you mean? 

When you click install it brings up the window (like normal)  the first drop down that should be the zip for the cursor ( Install - next to it is the drop down asking to select the file) nothing shows its just blank nothing to select, below that is the path that you want the file to head to on your chosen driver. I want the gold one becuz its gold of course but never any file to install so i tried the copper one and got all the png files. Hope this makes sense.

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Sorry, can't do anything about that, that's how it works on I just checked, seems to work fine. Downloaded gold and copper cursors in zips as they should be. 

Must be you've got some random glitch. Maybe try a different browser.


Thank you, trying it on a different browser worked! Also beautiful work you have here they are freaking dope!!

Thank you!