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Hey! We did in fact recently put up a notice regarding hiring extra people that we linked to on Patreon, but the programmer slot has already been taken for now. We'll keep you in mind if we could use an additional person for the role, but currently that's not the case.
As for how to get in touch, the easiest place to reach us is through our Discord server, where you can talk to us and/or other people from the DID community directly in a chat format. Otherwise you can send us a message on Patreon or send an email to :)

I'm sorry to hear that my timing didn't work out.  Even so, I love this project so much that I can't help but wish your new hires all the best, and I hope they become real assets to the team.

Thank you for the links to your Discord server and email address.  I'll be sure to sign up on Discord this afternoon.