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And a few more questions, if it's not too much trouble. Ryver Nymph or River Nymph? When translating (somehow, using an online translator and logic) for my players, I came across this and wondered if it was a typo or if the name of the nymphs appeared, for example, because of the name of the place where they were first discovered.

I also wanted to clarify for a more accurate understanding, in the description of Silver Dust (Aphrodisiac) it is written

Roll a d4 and on a 1 you are considered high. 

I have not fully figured out what is meant and in the draft version I wrote about the fact that the character is getting old somewhat. But it seems to me that I have misinterpreted


So Ryver Nymph was spelled that way on purpose. Mostly just because I though it was interesting for both words to use a "y". Though I do like the idea that it was the name of the place they were discovered.

So with the silver dust. If you fail the save you gain the arousal based effects. Then with the d4 if you roll a 1 you are also "high" like you would be on other drugs. Similar to weed or mushrooms.

Thank you very much for the explanation.